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Soulscapes: A Prayer for the Journey

Kimberlys show card.jpg

Kimberly recently had an artist residency at the Co-Op Gallery in Long Beach.  She created an exhibition exploring beauty and loss. Her art-making practice is centered in the process of contemplation and includes multiple art forms with a focus in photography, sculpture, and installation.

“I believe that art has the ability to transform the struggles we face by finding beauty in the most unlikely of places.  My work celebrates the imagination that Nature inspires in my heart and is based on the idea that with imagination and love, all things can be transformed. "

"I approached this residency with the idea of becoming a peaceful art warrior and the hero of my own story.“  This installation invites the viewer into an imaginal space, the wonder of childhood and finding precious treasures on a walk.  Dandelions dangle precariously in small jars from a burnt tree.  Feathers, small nests and vine creations call the viewer into delight and creativity.  A silent video documents a performance art piece. Large photos from a time long past call the viewer to reflect on the joys of childhood, the simplicity of climbing a tree or beholding one’s shadow. Burnt wood and dried leaves speak of the dead- those we have lost, the dreams that have died, and how we can honor our dead. 

This exhibition is a prayer for each individual’s journey in life as they face their sorrows and learn to find their joy.  Kimberly shares her path through the forest of this time and the sorrows of the past, calling each person to discover their own hero’s story.

This art exhibit was on display from December 10th, 2021 through January 15th, 2022. 

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